Our clients fall into two categories.

Firstly there are those:

  • that do not know what they want and need help crystallizing their vision
  •  have no knowledge of the process and need an objective guiding hand
  •  have time limitations – too busy working often their own business
  •  have geographic limitations – often interstate or away overseas.
  •  want their first house to be everything they can afford
  •  want their last house to be everything they can afford
  •  want to transform their current property
  • heard about our quality services  from friends and family
  • heard about our quality services from business associates.

Secondly there are those who have used our services before:

  • and made money as a consequence and wish to replicate
  • have experienced our life enhancing built environments for a commercial project and wish to replicate for a domestic project or vice versa.

Our first priority is to ensure maximum return on our clients investments through good design by creating a timeless design that is :

  • stylish without being merely fashionable
  • environmentally responsible
  • structurally efficient
  • cost effective
  • profitable.

A few words from our clients

Sandra J

As repeat clients spanning 17 years we highly recommend Mark to you.
Mark will give himself totally to your project, spend hours getting inside your head, challenge your views and push your boundaries. The budget will be treated as if it were his. The result has always exceeded our expectations.

Rodger W

The process of having Mark Wilson of Architects Black and Wilson design, document and oversee the construction of our home has only been surpassed by the pleasure of living in it for 15 years. Mark put his knowledge, heart and soul into our home as if it were going to be his own.  In hindsight our investment in Mark’s services was the best value for money we’ve ever experienced. He is most welcome to visit any time.



Our Design Approach

We Believe

  • Asking the right  questions
  • Listening to the answers
  • Arriving at the best solution quicker
  • Not wasting space
  • Not wasting money
  • Reducing mistakes
  • Solving problems

Services Format

Architecture including:

  • Feasibility analyis
  • Design
  • Construction documentation
  • Contract Administration
  • Calling Tenders and negotiating with Contractors
  • Applications to and negotiations with Authorities
  • Budget reviews, estimates and feasibility studies
  • Project planning and management
  • 3D Computer modelling of sites and buildings
  • 3D renderings and walkthrough

Town Planning  –  Interior Design  –  Landscape Design  –  Fully Integrated projects.


Courier Mail Interview

Courier Mail Interview with Mark before the Home Show in September 2018. His talk is called your Grand Forever Home and gives pointers to home owners and new builds.

We bet our life on it.

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