Black Cat Chic Kitchen

Black Cat Chic wanted a kitchen to get her claws into, Architects Black and Wilson gave her owners want they desired. It’s Purrfect she claimed.

A lot of work went into this kitchen renovation, it might be small, but it packs a punch of individuality with the splash back. The stone bench tops break up the colour selection and the black sink retains the essence the owner wished for their kitchen.

See Black Cat Chic getting her claws into this new kitchen on Facebook.

Plenty of mock-ups were made of the splash back. It was not a fluke. A graphic designer was involved and showed the client what the finished product would be like as shown below.

Our Architect went to extreme lengths to get the proportions and quantity to fit this tight budget and small kitchen by drawing up the splashback for the happy client.

Every tile was specially laid out in the drawings.

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