Long Distance Renovation

Architects Black and Wilson don’t usually do fitouts of this small scale but the circumstances of a referral from past client and the present client’s difficulty of living overseas during the process made it an exception.

The project description by the client is remodelling of kitchen to give more space and change storage.

“Two plans depending on space.. ,   for a wall oven & microwave, if room allows or if not, a fitted oven under hob… happy to get rid of the corner pantry, so I have more counter space near the hob and will replace most of the cupboards with drawers. “


The criteria for the main bathroom was

“Would like to keep the ‘Wet Area’, but need to update the bath – but would prefer to keep an enclosed bath and go for a totally glass wall with a door that open into the shower area.  Would like 2 x oblong mirrors with 3 wall-mounted lights instead of one big mirror.  Ideally square basins, but they need to be quite deep.  Have seen bathroom with the glass screen removed…??

Mid-gray to dark grey floor tiles with lighter wall tiles – laid horizontally.   Would like quote for under-floor heating in the main bathroom. “


The Staircase balustrades were to be removed to open the stair well. A whole new staircase was installed with the landing having a safer turn. A set of chandliers was added to improve lighting too.

Underfloor heating wasn’t a new concept for our Architect, a previous project required it in Granite Belt region. In this situation it was a trickster to implement with the client requiring vinyl flooring on the ground level of the apartment. Temperatures, glues and adhesion were all issues needing to be addressed before during and after installation. In the bathrooms the heating was under a tiled floor which wasn’t difficult at all.


Total removal of laundry sink and update downstairs bathroom with fittings same as master bathroom.



Landscaping of front courtyard to repair drainage problems caused by rotten decking. All of these was replaced with proper drains and flagstone paving. Cumbersome gravel by driveway will no longer twist ankles when passengers disembark from parked cars either. Exterior required repainting after communications services were removed also.

A few meetings while the clients were in the country, plus emails and photos of examples, selection of a builder and contract negotiations kept our architect busy. The results paid off with a distinctive and bespoke renovation with Creative Homes as the builder to accomplish the requests of the client.

All of this had to be achieved within budget, and within a strict period as the clients were returning to live in the apartment from overseas.

To help unravel the mysteries of what is in the client’s mind and how the architect imagines what they want our Architect uses 3D computer modelling. Some of the computer-generated images are almost lifelike. Architects Black and Wilson were impressed with the mirror in the bathroom matching the real installation.

kitchen combinedensuite combined

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