10 Things Your Architect Will Expect From You

Getting a great result in a new home design project is a team effort and is important – for you and for your Architect. So it is vital to understand the things that your Architect will expect from you during the course of your project, to achieve that common goal. This list could be considered your “Rules of Engagement” when working with an architect:

1 good design

  1. I understand that good design takes time and many iterations to achieve the best possible solution. As I will be spending more money on this project than almost anything else I will do, I  want to design twice or more and build once. I will be living with the design forever so I will be happy to take the time to get it right the first time.2. lots decisions
  2. I understand that during the process I will need to make a lot of decisions. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, so I need to give myself time in the design process to make these decisions ably assisted by the Architect.3. trust my architect
  3. I understand that I need to trust my architect. I hired them because they have experience and are experts in their field, so I will not try and design for them.4. cost construction
  4. I understand that most of my decisions will affect the estimated cost for construction. So I expect realistic discussions with my architect about the estimated cost for construction, and agree to either modify my budget or modify my design brief if we exceed my initial budget.5. architect experience
  5. I will listen to my architect and benefit from their experience. Although we may not always agree, I need their expert advice to make informed decisions about my project.6. expensive rooms
  6. I understand that the most expensive rooms in the house are the kitchen and bathrooms. The more features I add in these rooms, the more the project will cost.7. direct architect
  7. My architect will need to be very direct with me about keeping the project focused and on track. I accept that some changes that I make could impact budget or timeframes.8. pay architects
  8. I will pay all Architects’ and consultant’s fees quickly to keep the project on schedule.9. ask to explain.
  9. If I don’t understand a part of the design or something my Architect is telling me, I will ask them to explain – two-way communication is key.10. supposed to be fun
  10. I understand that although it may seem overwhelming at times, collaborating with my Architect on my new house design project is supposed to be FUN!

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