How do you restore an elegant Queenslander to its former glory?

Architects Black & WIlson managed to restore an elegant Brisbane Bungalow to its former glory and more.

Who thinks it is such a shame that the elegant old Queenslanders that used to sit at the top of the hill are all being hemmed in by small lot faux Queenslanders?

It was a privilege of to finally work for a client who wanted to not only maintain the features of the generous site but also undo all the previous poor extensions and take this magnificent house well into the twenty first Century.

Architects Black & Wilson have reatined character and modernised this Californian Bungalow in Brisbane.

How to be sure what your finished house will look like.

The beauty of 3D modelling is “what you see is what you get”. Even though this street perspective is not a rendered image it is nevertheless a pretty good representation of the finished product. Can you spot the minor differences?

A 3D model shows the client exactly what Architects Black & Wilson has designed and there is no doubt of the outcome.

What is the best way to improve the veranda of a classic American Bungalow Queenslander?

In order to maximize the amazing views from this special site the verandas were all rebuilt and some extended while maintaining and enhancing the presence of the building. American Bungalow Queenslander verandas typically have low ceilings so these were relined on the rake to increase the apparent height. In addition the new gable has a raised ceiling to accommodate the curved aperture facing the views down the street and beyond.

Enjoy the views of Brisbane with comfort, designed by Archtects Black & Wilson.

What is most appropriate for a classic Queenslander corrugated iron or terracotta tiles?

This roof of this house was replaced with terracotta tiles following restoration after a fire. These tiles were removed and the original corrugated sheeting put back albeit this time with colorbond sheeting and lots of insulation. All the veranda floors were replaced with suspended concrete and all the framed timber piers replaced with block work before being rendered to a traditional finish. All the fenestration is powder coated aluminium are the fence panels.

With our large hail stones the client was wise to switch to corrugated iron roofing, by Architects Black & Wilson.

How do you make a classic Queenslander modern?

The internals of this house had been corrupted in a previous restoration after a fire. We restored the original character and yet made also it fresh and modern which is no easy feat. The leadlight windows were totally rebuilt new floor installed and nearly every VJ wall totally rebuilt. The ceilings were also replaced when the structure above was replaced. Modern necessities like a laundry chute and a lift had to be incorporated in a complimentary way as did the wardrobes.

Retaining the orignal character and even replacing damaged parts was part of the renovation by Architects Black & Wilson.

Can you make a Hamptons kitchen work in a Classic Queenslander?

I am not a fan of installing Hampton style kitchens especially in replica Queenslanders or modern homes. There is however possibly a case for adopting a Hampton style for the kitchen of a restored American Bungalow Queenslander. In this case we have broken free from traditional rectilinear lines and introduced a curved servery to soften the kitchen and make a better link to the dining area adjacent.  

A classic kitchen but with a curve to throw out some rules, by Architects Black & Wilson.

What style is appropriate for the laundry of a restored classic American Bungalow Queenslander?

So what style is appropriate for the laundry of a restored American Bungalow Queenslander? Achieving a balance between framed cabinets heritage tiling and modern tops fixtures and fittings is not easy. We think this solution will prove relatively timeless – do you agree?

Heritage tiling for laundries in this modern renovated home by Architects Black & Wilson.

What type of shutter is appropriate for a restored classic American Bungalow Queenslander?

American Bungalow Queenslander verandas typically have really low ceilings which usually make the house dark. We actually raised all the side verandas 150mm so that even when the aluminium shutters are semi closed the verandas are light and airy. The shutters are all lockable and stackable with adjustable blades for maximum flexibility.

Shutters are typical characteristics of American Bungalow Queenslanders Architects Black & Wilson have kept that tradition and modernised it.

Eliminate timber maintenance on your Queenslander

So how do you solve the problem with maintaining all the intricate timber battens screens and stairs that make a Queenslander so beautiful?

In this case we made them all out of powder coated aluminium.

It had a significant cost penalty but maybe you have more time to enjoy your beautiful home the way it was intended to be enjoyed.      

Elimination of tiresome maintenance with aluminium battens screens and stairs.

What style is appropriate for the pool of a restored classic American Bungalow Queenslander?

How do you incorporate a modern pool and pavilion while being complimentary to the adjacent American Bungalow Queenslander? Don’t put in a pretend mini me version of the house as they did not have pool pavilions at least not near the house. How do you provide shade privacy and transparency and yet have the building disappear? We think the use of a subtle curved roof and natural materials works – do you?          

Architects Black & Wilson have given the client a modern pool with complinentary Pavillion for a Queenslander.

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