10 Reasons to talk to an Architect

1. great to live in

Choosing the right aspect, making the most of views, creating energy efficiency and ensuring the best use of available space are all the things an architect considers when designing a house.

2 vision into reality

The design, layout and selection of materials should all contribute to the experience of  living in your home. Your ideas are important, and your architect will listen carefully to you. The result should be a home that suits the way you want to live.

3 different ideas and solutions

Architects are all different. Make a shortlist of the architects you want to meet. Have a look at their work online or ask to see some of their completed projects. Good design is a collaboration between the client and the architect, so partner with the architect you think will work best with you. Select an architect passionate about realising your project.

4 impact small project

Engage an architect who is enthusiastic about working on your project and within your budget. A tight space or tight budget makes and architect’s clever design thinking even more vital.

5 design to your budget

Buildings need not come in over budget and often the challenge is aligning your budget with your expectations. This involves open, honest and reality check at the outset and throughout the project.

6 unnecessary costs

Thoroughly documented plans ensure transparency for both client and builder. Your architect’s project management skills take the worry and fear out of with builders, limiting disputes and variations. Your architect is on the job, so you don’t have to be.

7 architects with step of way

A great process involves discussion, thinking, options and concept design; all part of the consultation between architect and client. Sometimes great opportunities or ideas come along during construction. Having your architect working with you throughout construction will add enormous value and assist with any design changes that may arise. Your architect will help you decide if a change is worthy o f the costs that may be associated and guide you to the best solution for your needs.

8 training and exper

A minimum five years university training, two years practical experience, a registration exam and compulsory continued professional development means architects have the superior education, training and experience to ensure you are working with the most highly qualified designers in the building industry.

9. advice finishes

Successful architecture includes interior and exterior layouts and the selection of finishes which reflect the way you want to live. Working with an architect gives you the best chance of realising your dream.

10. small cost

Good architecture endures over time and maintains its value, paying dividends in tall kinds of ways. Good design gets the practicalities right, adding immeasurable richness and delight to all aspects of life in your new home.

Architects design spaces their clients did not know were possible.

Architects are trained to think about design and are supreme problem solvers.

Architects envisage and design what is not obvious, to create a project that is more than simply the sum of its parts. Architects are the most highly skilled, trained and qualified designers you can work with to realise the vision of your project.


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